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Work History Assessment

Why is one candidate selected over others with similar backgrounds?  Job Search Like a Pro has unique insights into the hiring process and will provide a comprehensive assessment on how your work history looks to hiring executives and how your content is interpreted by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). With this knowledge, we provide concrete strategies to address potential red flags and position you as a top candidate.  


We all know the right resume opens doors, but resumes have changed drastically in recent years due to the pervasive use of screening software. Everyone has an opinion on resumes, yet few companies or resume writers offer research-based solutions to the toughest job search challenges. Don't burn through your network with subpar content. Partner with Job Search Like a Pro to find out your market value with custom, strategic content.  

Working with Coffee

Our LinkedIn profiles reflect the nuances of digital communications and interactions. They are crafted to grab the attention of recruiters, encourage connection, perform well when subjected to ATS screening, brand job seekers as top candidates and expand client networks. We know how to avoid tipping off a current employer on a job search, as well as how to craft profiles for job seekers with multiple targets.

Job Search Letters

Polished correspondence remains a hallmark of an exceptional candidate. We craft letters that make candidates stand out from the competition. Frequently requested letters include cover letters, follow-up letters, thank you letters, networking letters and seeking a mentor letters.  Add a letter to any package.

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