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Why Job Search Like a Pro?

We believe candidates deserve to be evaluated based on their strongest contributions and proudest professional moments.

For a candidate to be seen as viable, job search content must proactively address screen out factors, rank highly on any screening software, and suggest an ability to fit in and thrive. 

Can your Resume and LinkedIn Profile position you as a top candidate?  With Job Search Like a Pro, they can. 

Our beginnings...

Job Search Like a Pro was founded in 2004 as an exclusive, referral-based business offering premier services leveraging insights from HR, recruiters, career coaches, and outplacement professionals to deliver custom content based on current employment research and trends. 

Job Search Like a Pro delivers strategies to position clients to explore salary prospects, achieve career goals, and find a role in which they can thrive.  

What sets us apart...

Job Search Like a Pro crafts content aligned with your goals and structured to highlight your unique value.

  • Ambitious or highly competitive job search?

  • Facing complex reputation challenges?  

  • Underemployed or fielding recruiter interest at lower levels than your targets?

  • Long-term or stalled search?

Search Like a Pro has a strategy and expert partners ready to meet your challenges.  

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