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Why Job Search Like a Pro?

We believe candidates deserve to be evaluated based on their strongest contributions and proudest professional moments.

For a candidate to be seen as viable, job search content must proactively address screen-out factors, rank highly on any screening software, and suggest an ability to fit in and thrive. 

Can your Resume and LinkedIn Profile position you as a top candidate?  With Job Search Like a Pro, they can. 

Our beginnings...

Job Search Like a Pro was founded in 2004 as an exclusive, referral-based business offering premier services leveraging insights from HR, recruiters, career coaches, and outplacement professionals to deliver custom content based on current employment research and trends. 

Job Search Like a Pro delivers strategies to position clients to explore salary prospects, achieve career goals, and find a role in which they can thrive.  

What sets us apart...

Job Search Like a Pro crafts content aligned with your goals and structured to highlight your unique value.

  • Ambitious or highly competitive job search?

  • Facing complex reputation challenges?  

  • Underemployed or fielding recruiter interest at lower levels than your targets?

  • Long-term or stalled search?

Job Search Like a Pro has a strategy and expert partners ready to meet your challenges.

About Erica

Erica enjoys changing lives as an Executive Resume Writer and Job Search Consultant.


She founded Job Search Like a Pro after serving as Head Writer for a premier executive outplacement firm as well as Senior Writer & Content Strategist for leading job search firms. 


While each organization offered distinct value to job seekers, she founded Job Search Like a Pro to enable in-depth partnerships and strategy consultations that can change the course of your career.  

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